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Hi all,

is it possible to have a single select/dropdown list where the user will type in a name and the option will only show records with that name?

I have a single select with a list of names. Currently when the user selects this input, all the names show.
I want the single select drop down to be blank and only populate with the set up names once the user starts to type the name.

is this possible?

many thanks for any tips on this

Hi @knowlec,

you could try to hold your values in a Tulip Table and use a table aggregation as source for the dropdown.
But this is not “as you type”, this only works after triggering the table aggregation.
You could build a change detector for your input variable with custom widgets but then it starts getting complicated for this use case.

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hi @thorsten.langner

thanks for your reply. I had a review of those links and found them very informative so thank you.
Unfortunately I’m not sure it would solve the problem we are having.

Our app is a basic one where a visitor of the app enters their name and then selects who they are there to see. this is from a drop down select of the variable type “Users”.(Email will then get send to that User saying the visitor has arrived)

As we would have a large amount of Users(30+) we don’t want them all showing when the single select is selected,

is the only way to limit this by filtering out Users into hierarchies like you mentioned?

Is it possible that the Visitors could enter the Users Name in a text input instead of selecting predefined list and then this is compared to the Users table for a matching name, and if matches said User will get the email?

This also is a known issue. There ist no good way to get the User by its name yet.

If your problem is only about the single select, you could use an interactive table instead.
Filtering this Table on a column containing the name and using the column containing the user:

As you can see on my post in the first topic I linked, we discussed filtering on selection inputs, what is not avilable yet.

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Hi @thorsten.langner
just coming back to this.

could you share how you got the interactive table to filter based off the text input widget?
for my interactive table, the only field I want is “User” based off the Users table datasource.

when i go into the filters for this widget, its only giving me the option to filter the User field by another User variable.

how do i get it to filter the table based off a text variable that the user of the app would type in the name?

thank you

I’m sorry if I dissapoint with this answer but I’m actually filtering on another column. This is from type “Text” and contains the Names as text.

I thougt you already have a similar thing.

On every Start of the app, I’m checking if the User exists in a mapping table and add it, if not.
The Id ist the Name in plain Text.
Mind Name Changes!

This way makes sure, everyona can find himself.

I whish for a Feature in the User Fields Table (Auto generat a column with User specific parameters as Name and beeing available as a regular table (at least fields marked as “shared”)