Numeric Input Blank Field instead of 0

Is there anyway to NOT have the 0 in the field? It cause some issues when it is not removed before tour SKU number is entered.

hello @Mcampo, and welcome to Tulip Community!!

do you think you could share a screenshot of what you’re trying to achieve?? in general however, it is possible to have a Number Input be blank instead of a 0. see below:

Number Input:

Data in Completions tab (notice that NUMBER INPUT for the first completion is blank):

let me know if this helps and if you have further questions!!


here is what I am working with …

hello @Mcampo, thanks for sharing!!

as you’re using Form Steps, you can check for the variable on On Step Exit and if it’s = 0, then Clear the Variable:

does this work for what you’re trying to build??


Wow, let me try that. Thank you

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