Create a Data Manipulation - Clear action that is able to clear more than on thing at a time

Finding the need to put in many triggers to clear the variables after saving the values to a table and then having the input fields on the step of the app cleared ready for the next set of entries and saves while staying on the same step. Having an ability to have just one action to clear multiple variable instead of doing one action for each variable would be a time saver.

Hey. @Attaboy -

I often find this pretty painful too. There is working going on right now to make triggers significantly more scalable (read: better copy paste, along with a lot more). We are currently soliciting feedback from users on what we have planned, would you be interested in spending 15 minutes with one of our designers talking through what we are building? We are always looking to get customer feedback!


I would like to hear what is coming up. We just started using Tulip for several weeks so not a very in depth knowledge of your product yet but already have some questions on why Tulip can’t do certain things.

Hey @Attaboy-

Thats all good! A lot of the work we are trying to do is to make the product easier for people exactly like you! I passed your contact over to our design team, They will reach out to schedule some time!

Thanks again! This is the kinda feedback that helps us drive the product forward!


Tulip regularly reviews posts here when we look at the product roadmap. The factors we consider when prioritizing what gets in to new releases and when include replies, upvotes, views, any details listed in replies, and more.