How do I store same value to multiple Variables at once?

How do I store same value to multiple Variables at once, instead of adding " data manipulation " one by one?

Is it possible to do that with expression?

Hey @Wesley -

Right now each of these assignments does need to be done with a separate action, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This has been identified as one of the most frequent, and most painful usability problems with the platform and is actively being addressed. There is a very large project underway to both make triggers more usable and more powerful. I can’t guarantee multi-assignment in one action will be in scope, but making it far easier to copy and reuse actions absolutely is.

A big chunk of our engineering resources are going towards this work right now, so you will continue to see changes in the next ~3 months as the first customer facing changes start to land (you may have seen the new step menu in r230 which went out last week, that is one of the first customer facing changes).

All of this work is around making developing Tulip apps easier at scale. Would you be interested in meeting with our design teams to do a little usability testing around where we are going?


Hi Pete,

Thanks for replying and answering.

Yes, I’d like to help on usability testing, though I’m still with r290 as I just checked.


Right on @Wesley.

I just sent your contact to our design team, they will reach out and schedule some time!


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