Saving resources in the editor

Hi Tulip Team :tulip:,

As we all know, we currently have this great tool in the Variables menu to clean up all unused variables:


It would be great if we had a tool displayed in the main panel of the editor, as an example I will put it at the top:

this will allow you to delete empty text boxes, unassigned variables or any other type of resource that is not in use in all steps:

I think this would be useful to solve problems such as when the Internet connection is low or when working in a hurry, we often make the mistake of double-clicking and creating empty text boxes that we will never use.

Hey Jhondy - thanks for the suggestion! @kimberly what are your thoughts from the design side of this?

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Thanks for the suggestion, @Jhondy! We’re working through a few possible options for how to manage resources in a more scalable way, and will definitely take this feedback into account. Appreciate it!