Optimize the loading of expression and static value editor

Hey All,

We have be running into an issue where tulip editor causes chrome to run out of memory and crash. When actively editing apps, this happens about every 5 minutes. Any unsaved logic is lost. We have gotten to the point where we save and close each trigger after each complete line so it is saved when we crash. This really really slows down our workflow. This is only exacerbated by the fact that you cant save a trigger with half complete lines of logic. We just have to hope we can make it to the end of a line of logic before it crashes.

Very often it freezes when “expression” is selected in the app logic, it happens less frequently when “static value” is selected for strings, but that is the second most common failure mode.

Something about the black box of death seems to reek havoc on system memory. If there is something about our machines that is inadequate, tulip should release a set of minimum machine requirements that are very specific to what you use internally and test the platform on. We are running business class desktops that are less than 2 years old.

I have shared video of these crashes with @dillon before, but I am happy to do that again.


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Hey Peter, thanks for mentioning again. I will look into it with the Tulip engineering team.

Hey Peter, we fixed the memory leak that we believe was causing this to crash. The fix will be in r199, which will go out to your account on 1/22/21.