Manipulate HTTP CF to produce list free of [brackets] and bullet points

Hello Community,

I have encountered a roadblock while attempting to format data from an HTTP connector function to produce a list which is free of [brackets] and bullet points. I have attached multiple images of the sequence to display the data within an app.

The first image “HTTP_CF” shows the output containing these brackets which we wish to remove.

The second image “Run_CF_Trigger” is simply running the CF with some basic parameters.

The third image “Split_String_Trigger” is where these strings are put into a list. This is where the bullet points are introduced. We would like to remove these while retaining the ability to provide each value on a newline.

The fourth image “Final_Result_In_App” displays the format as it appears within the app. As stated, we would like to remove the highlighted brackets and bullet points.

I am open to suggestions or ways in which we may modify these strings to produce a better outcome.

Please let me know if you require more information.


hello @Matthew_Morgan, great to see you back here in Community!!

and great to see these Connector Functions. based on what I’m understanding, this can be solved by turning the Outputs in the Connector Function into List of Values.

as you can see below, Outputs can either be regular Values (as you have them) or a List of values. if you do convert it over to many Lists (that could also be contained in an Object), you will no longer need to Split String as they’ll be accessible as an Array in the App.

as you can see, the Output will be an Array once the List of values option is selected:

rather than a String (when deselected):

would this help your use case?? let us know!!

Hi Gio,

Thank you for the assistance. I did not notice that there was a display as list option within the output, thank you for pointing that out. This works perfect for formatting these strings, thank you.

The only additional question that I now have is in regards to removing the bullet point which can be seen in the above image. I have stored this list as a variable and would like to have a seamless list. Is this possible?


great to hear @Matthew_Morgan!!

this is not currently possible (although I will mention that the bullets do not functionally do anything). have you considered adding a rectangle of the same color as the background above the bullets to hide them??

let me know your thoughts on this!!

Hi Gio,

That will do the trick for viewing the lists. Thanks for your help on this.


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no problem, great to hear!!

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