Manual error triggering

I think it would be great to add a way to manually trigger an error in Tulip. This can be combined with the Stop remaining triggers on error feature (toggle button in gear icon above trigger lists) and would be very powerful.

For example a Generate an error checkbox added to the Show error action. It would make sense to consider that if an error message is shown, it’s well because an error occurred? I cannot see how that wouldn’t be the intention of the author. Also, that mechanics would prevent people from manually generating silent errors that would go unnoticed.

I guess it would be nice to finish executing a trigger containing such an action though, to give authors maximum flexibility.

Hi @fti,

I’m a 100% with you on that one.

Do you know, you can also vote on your own suggestion?

I would also like to set an additional trigger when this “Stop remaining triggers on error” feature gets activated. This would allow to save some calculation or some log data and send an error message.

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Hi @thorsten.langner ,

No I didn’t know! Thank you for telling me. About the additional trigger, I would consider going further and adding another list of triggers specifically executed when an error occurs, for more flexibility. It doesn’t seem to go too much against the way Tulip was designed.

Also, now that I think of it, I would give a more precise name to that checkbox, something like Generate error once this trigger completes.

Came to the forum to see if I could manually trigger an error. I suspect I could find a way to force it with a weird calculation or something… :slight_smile:

Sure enough 0/0 throws an error and stops further processing

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@Tulip: We need a clean way to get to this outcome :wink:

Hey! Yes it will help users incase to trigger the error directly so that they can keep themselves safe from spam users.