Mobile Player 2.3.3 - February 2024

Version 2.3.3 of Tulip Mobile Player will be available for download by 9:00 PM ET today (February 5th, 2024)! If you have auto-updates enabled, the Mobile Player application will update in the background and changes will take effect the next time the application is restarted. Alternatively, you can manually initiate the update process from the menu.

Please check out the Tulip Knowledge Base [Mobile Player 2.3.3 Release - February 2024 - Tulip Player Releases] for more details about this release.

@jakerigos Our SAML log-in stopped working due to this version. In the documentation it says that this version requires Factory Release r272 or higher. However, r271.1 is the highest available publicly. Can Tulip ensure in future that Factory Releases are made available before the Mobile apps that depend on them are auto updated.

Is there a way to roll-back to the older version? We are using the Android Player.


@jas The change is backward compatible. Please reach out to for further assistance.

Please note - the Knowledge Base article has been updated to reflect the backwards compatibility.

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