MTconnect to machine monitoring?

Hi, We are looking to connect a few of our milling machines that use MTConnect and I was wondering what the best way to do that would be. I noticed there is OPCUA support in the connectors but would I use a regular HTTP connector?

The other way I was thinking would be to use Node-red and I think I can use an HTTP request to the tulip machine attributes nodes. Is there an MTconnect node or do I just parse the XML file?
Sorry for all the questions and thanks,

Hey Adam.

For machines that use a protocol other than OPC-UA, we recommend that you use a protocol translator like Kepware, which will turn MT-Connect into OPC-UA.

Node-red is also a viable low-cost option. As you mentioned, there is no specific node, you will need to parse the XML. See this article on the topic.


Hey Adam!

After doing a bit of research, here’s what we’ve found about MT-Connect and Node-RED.

Dillon’s definitely right here - it doesn’t look like there’s a one-stop-shop node for MT-Connect yet. However, polling the server and parsing the result seems like a relatively simple way to get MT-C data into Node-RED.

The tutorial Dillon linked looks like the easiest path forward - it walks through first using an HTTP Request node to get results from the server, then an XMP node to translate the result to JSON. It’s a bit barebones, but should be a good place to start.

You might be able to use a stream decoder node like this one to get around having to make individual requests, but this is going to depend heavily on your source server configuration.

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