Using the Tulip Node-red nodes to connect 3d printers to machine monitoring

So we haven’t fully finished the build-out of this but I would like to thank @k.ober and a friend who is a programmer for their help. We built out the connections to take out Formlabs Form 3 data from their API, parse it, and sent it into Tulip as a machine using the Machine API.

This allows us to use the Machine Monitoring widgets which are much nicer looking and allows us a better data storage and usage pathway than an api connector and a table.

We will update with some more pictures when we build out the app for it.


That’s really cool! Using Node-Red instead of calling connectors on a timer is an interesting method for constant data capture - really excited to see how this evolves.

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I agree that this is really cool!! it’s too bad that the March App Competition recently finished!!

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Next time we will have to try.

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