Connecting to Tulip Machine API without Tulip's first-party node

A little while back, posted his Node-RED method to pull data from a Formlabs printer and send it to Tulip. With the first-party Tulip Machine API (mAPI) node in the final stages of publication prep, Adam instead reverse-engineered the node and replaced it with a simple HTTP request. This way, any device can use Node-RED to connect to Tulip.
(Disclaimer - this isn’t Tulip-supported or tested in all applications, so YMMV -)

The attached flow pulls some data from a Formlabs printer and pushes it to a Tulip mAPI endpoint. To use this in your flow, snip out the first half - the second half of the flow is what matters to connect to Tulip.

A quick note - I removed a few key points to preserve privacy. If you’d like to implement this yourself, be sure to replace the following variables. The Tulip mAPI values can be found with this guide.

Form-related Variables:

Tulip mAPI-related Variables:
$ATTRIBUTE_ID$ (two places)
$MACHINE_ID$ (two places)
$YOUR_TULIP_INSTANCE$ (two places)

The finished product:

The full flow can be found and copy/pasted from here.