Store Machine ID in a table with Node RED API

Hi all,

I’m using an edge IO to collect data from production work orders thanks to a flashing camera.
My camera is flashing barcode on my products.

In my table I would like to store the Machine but I don’t manage to send to TULIP the name of the machine via TULIP API in node Red.

If I configure the column Machine as a text, it works fine but I would like to keep the “machine” format for my column.

Do you know how to do it ?

Thanks !

Hi Paul,

Could I ask a clarifying question - have you already tried sending in Machine ID (instead of a Name)?

The Node Red API is expecting an ID as the parameter for Machine – not Name.

In case this is helpful, here’s how to figure out the Machine ID:

Does this help? Thank you!

  • Olga
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Hi Olga,

Thanks a lot ! It works perfectly fine with the Machine ID !


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