Machine Type and Machine API

Make available APIs in the form of Node-Red nodes (like tables) allowing to:

  • CRUD for Machines Type
  • CRUD for Machines with datasource mapping
  • CRUD for Attributes

With these news API/Node-red nodes we can directly from Edge create new Machines Type, new machines and mapping with tags to move to really « plug & play » devices integration from the edge and become really Edge-Driven


Hey @youri.regnaud -

This is a fantastic idea. I think all product features should be accessible through the API, and we are just starting down that road.

The trickiest part of your ask is probably the data source mapping side, but throughout that side of the product, we would need to expose UUIDs for every type of asset.

I wrote up a request for this one, not a small request but it aligns well with where we are going around edge connectivity.


I can easily imagine. Already CRUD API for machine type and machines would allow an better “Edge Driven” approach. How to get a ready-to-use machine in Tulip via an Edge configuration?

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I second this product suggestion and we just raised a ticket for it too. From the machines, we can easily get attribute names and machine specification, so having APIs to create the data rather than manually doing it in Tulip with time cost and potential user error would be fantastic.

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