Netsuite Connector | OAuth2.0 Workflow

Hey folks,

I am wondering if any other Tulip/Netsuite users have a streamlined an OAuth2.0 request between Netsuite and Tulip?

I have been able to accomplish this connection, but it requires me to manually ‘test’ and confirm regularly

Are there any other Netsuite/Tulip users that this authorization type regularly?
-Looking for some tips to point me in the right direction.

hey @Dave, thanks for posting!!

have you by any chance taken a look at the Netsuite Library App?? Manufacturing Control NetSuite Suite | Operations App Library | Tulip

once you install the App on your Instance, the Connector will also be imported and you can take a look at how @Sagarverma built the OAuth 2.0 Connector in Connector Details.

hope this helps, but also look forward to hearing how others have solved this!!

Hi Everyone,

With Tulip’s next release (r209), we have added an additional functionality that is required by Netsuite to refresh their access token. Due to this added functionality, Tulip will be able to successfully refresh the access token without users having to go through repeated authentication flow as described in the above post.

As a standard, NetSuite returns a refresh token that expires after 7 days. Tulip does not have any control over the longevity of the refresh token, hence depending on the duration of the refresh token, Tulip will fetch a new access token. Once the refresh token expires, users will have to re-authenticate their connector to get a new set of access & refresh tokens.


This is great news. How can I tell which version of Tulip I have? As of today, I am still experiencing regular expiration of the OAuth2 tokens from NetSuite and have to retest the connector to get a new token. That’s obviously not suitable for a production application.
Is there anything special we have to do in our connector setup (or NetSuite integration definition) to leverage the new token refresh ability?

Hey @Lance! I’ll let @Sagarverma discuss what changes you may need to make to your connector but you’re currently on r209. You can determine this by going to your Account Settings page and looking at the bottom left corner.

Thanks @Grant! Look forward to hearing from @Sagarverma and getting this working.