[Off-Topic Tuesday] What Manufacturing Books are your favorite?

The Tulip Team was having a discussion the other week about our favorite manufacturing related books, and 2 came to mind quickly for me:

  • Augmented Lean - A Human-Centric Framework for Managing Frontline Operations

    • I read this right before starting at Tulip and it really helped me understand where the future of manufacturing is going and the role of digital solutions in that vision. My favorite bit, is how much the book focusses on a human-centric framing (as does Tulip :wink: ). “When you empower your frontline workers, you invest in their growth, productivity, and loyalty. Increased efficiency of your machines is just a side effect.” A good process engineer always puts their people first!
  • The Goal - A Process of Ongoing Improvement

    • This one is a classic that I read right as a started my career and was working in a big, high volume manufacturing plant that was running 24/7. I loved the way Lean principles are made easily digestible through real world examples and a fictional narrative. I feel like this is classic of manufacturing and process engineers everywhere!

What are some of your favorite manufacturing books? Share with the Tulip Community below!


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