What Tulip features have had the biggest impact on your manufacturing processes?


which Tulip features have truly transformed the way you do manufacturing? We’re all here to learn from each other’s experiences, so share with us the specific Tulip features that have made the biggest impact in optimizing your workflows and boosting efficiency.

Whether it’s the intuitive interface, powerful analytics tools, or customizable apps, we want to hear about the features that have become indispensable in your day-to-day operations. Your insights could spark new ideas and solutions for fellow community members facing similar challenges.

Share your experiences and let’s uncover the key drivers of success with Tulip in manufacturing.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Thank you

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Hey @stevediaz -

Former Tulip customer turned Tulipian! I can share what I found to be a catalyst, and ultimately drove me to join the team a few years back. In short, it came down to two things:

  1. Empowerment - As a manufacturing engineer, we had access to software engineers, but getting access to their time and capacity was a really challenging and circuitous process. Tulip was a place where I, as a process owner, I could deliver improvement for my users.
  2. Speed of Iteration - Tied into empowerment was just the ability to iterate on solutions and improvements incredibly quickly. I think back to a 9am standup where we identified an issue, by 12 we had released an app version that allowed us to collect data to validate that this problem was real. A week of data later, we had another version ready that drove corrective action for this issue, a month later, the issue was gone. This didn’t mandate any retraining for a vast majority of the staff, and drove immediate impact across 4 shifts.


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