Organize App Folders on the Apps Home Screen

I would like to have the ability to organize the app folders on the app home screen alphabetically by the push of a button. Right now, the organization feels random. I can manually reorganize them in the left-hand pane, but it is time-consuming and will get messed up next time I create a new folder.

Hey @japrice,

This is a great idea, what kind of sort options do you care about? These are the ones that come to mind for me:

  • A → Z
  • Last Edit Date
  • Number of Apps

Are there others I am missing that you’re picturing? A few more questions so I can get a feature request written up -

  • Would you want this sorting to save or would it be acceptable if you had to apply it when looking through apps? This is how the windows file explorer works, you can sort files, but you aren’t actually changing their location when you sort.
  • If you do want sorting to be saved, would you want this save to be global for the instance? My fear there would be 15 different users on the same instance constantly fighting to have their preferred sorting, and other users struggling to find the app they were last working on.

I always appreciate product suggestions I’ve never even considered, keep the great ideas coming!

I would mostly want to see A to Z, but sorting by edit date could also be helpful. Saving it would not be a necessity, but a nice to have - even if you had the option to save or not. I would prefer to see the save only apply to the user who did the sort, not globally.

Hey @japrice

I just wrote up a feature request for this one. I will keep this thread updated as it is acted on.

Thanks again for the idea!