Pass parameters as list to connector function

I created a connector to SAP and then a function that gets as result a table from SAP, for this result I must send some parameters, some of them can be single value but others must be a range of values or a list of values (like a list of working centers or MRP controllers), in the window of connector function I saw only the possibility of passing simple input parameters (text / integer / date…).
So is there any posibility to pass values as a list or table ?

And what is the format of the datatime value to be passed ? is it like Sql-Server ? yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.000 ?

Thank you,
Amit Berku

hello @Amit, great question!!

it’s not possible to send Inputs as a list, but if you have an Array in an app it can be converted to a String using the Join to String Action and then used as an input that way. for example:

and for the datetime question, if the input on the Connector Function is of type Datetime:

you can simply pass the Datetime variable type from your app:

let me know if I misunderstood your questions!! and would be awesome to see your app once the connection to SAP has been built in Show and tell - Tulip Community!!

Hi Gio,
You did understand all my questions correctly, because of a limitation on my side with the URL length, I declared a series of single input parameters on the left side of screen and will try to use the body of JSON to pass them into the connector like that :

Hoping it will work ok

Thank you very much,

thanks for the update @Amit!! great to see you found a solution to the limitation on the input length, splitting it up like that should work well too.

were you able to get the date to pass correctly?? the FORMAT_DATE_TZ() function will be able to convert a Datetime variable into a Text that you can use in your Function. more info: Technical Details of the Expression Editor | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

here’s a quick example of that Function:


the function used is: format_date_tz(@Variable.Input Date, 'YYYYMMDD', 'CET') and here’s a useful resource to get the available formats: Moment.js cheatsheet.

let us know if you’re able to pass the date too!!