Please add filter icons to the button icon list

Looking for a way to tell a user whether a particular filter has been applied or not… We are currently using an image… but since that one cannot change state, it is not really of great use for that purpose.


For now it would be sufficient to at least have a button that can be enabled/disabled.

Even better would be a way to add your own button icons :wink:

Hi @sebme , thanks for the product suggestion. It makes sense that you’d want to show the user feedback for filter status in your app. Would you be able to provide more context here for your specific request?

  • Are filters being applied to the table widget or another widget?
  • Are end-users applying filters themselves, or are you trying to indicate whether a filter has been applied in the editor?
  • Is the filter icon you shared a read-only status for filters, or is it a toggle for enabling/disabling filters?
  • Any additional screenshots you can provide for context would be super helpful.

Thanks for the suggestion!

  • to the table widget
  • this can be either the result of a loaded filter (e.g. on step entry, based on a historic value like “last order worked on” or an ad-hoc filter that has just been applied temporarily by the user
  • In the case shown this is supposed to act as a button to disable any filtering, if present


Thanks for the clarification and suggestion. We will investigate this further and see what we can do!