Please do not kill the trigger silently when there are null variable in the expression

The trigger below works fine if the variable “status_X” is not null.
If the “status_X” is null, this trigger surprisingly does nothing. It does not even show an error message.

To workaround this problem, we seem to have to wrap all variables with TOTEXT() function.
If the value of status_X is null, the TOTEXT function will transform it into the text “null”.

I am not satisfied with this specification. Why not just Tulip do TOTEXT implicitly ?
Why do user have to explicitly write TOTEXT ?
There may be some rare cases when the current specification (trigger doing nothing when there are null variable used in the expression) is better, but I think it is bad for most of the cases.
I experienced a case where the error email which had to be sent was not sent due to this specification.

Hey @ta-aoki -

You’re totally right. We should handle Null values better in expressions. I wrote a request to more elegantly cover this case.

Thanks for bringing these usability issues! Lets keep making this thing better!


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