Please do not make null take over all the expression

@ Pete_Hartnett

Thank you for taking the action for
Please do not kill the trigger silently when there are null variable in the expression - Product suggestions - Tulip Community
Now the trigger is not killed even if the value to show is null.

However, I still have problem.
Let’s say if I want 3 variables to be written in the email which is sent from my Tulip App.
I would like to write the Expression like this

@Variable.var1 + @Variable.var2 + @Variable.var3

However, when var1 is “a” and var2 is “b” and var3 is null, I only get “null”.
In the current specification, I have to write

TO_TEXT(@Variable.var1) + TO_TEXT(@Variable.var2) + TO_TEXT(@Variable.var3)

to get “abnull” which I expected to get in the first expression.
Can you change the specification so that I get “abnull” with the first expression ?
I think it is more natural and easier for debugging.