Populating Runtime in Email Reports

I have been trying to add runtime that makes sense to our e-mail reports. I have tried to divide the time (in seconds) by 60 to get minutes, but it does not insert a decimal point. For example: 605.509 seconds showed 10092 minutes, but it should’ve populated as 10.092 minutes, is there a way to insert a decimal place option in the expression editor?

hello @ashchav20, thanks for posting!!

just to confirm, are you referring to the @App Info.Time Elapsed on Current Step?? if so, that value is stored in milliseconds, and needs to first be converted to seconds - here’s the Expression I’m using: 'Time Elapsed: ' + totext(@App Info.Time Elapsed On Current Step / 1000)

did I correctly understand your question?? thanks!!

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Hey Gio,

I’m currently using (@App Info.Time Elapsed On App / 60), does this also track time in miliseconds? Should dividing by 1000 solve the decimal place issue I ran into?

Oh I didn’t use “totext”

hello @ashchav20, yes you can use the Time Elapsed on App also!! and as you noted, you do need to use the TOTEXT().

hope this helps, let us know if you have further questions!!

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This totally worked, thanks for the prompt response!

great to hear @ashchav20, no problem.

it would be awesome if you could share what you’re building at: Show and tell - Tulip Community!!

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