Pricing Model / Charging Model for Automations

From a Tulip presentation a while back, I understood that usage of Automations will be charged separately (on a usage basis). Before we start using Automations it would be good to understand the licensing implications. Is there a rough plan, when Tulip will share the pricing model for Automations?


Hi Jaspreet,

That’s a great question. The current way that Tulip is thinking about the Automations Pricing model is usage-based but it is not finalized and is dependent on the use cases and value that Beta users (like you!) get out of Automations.

We want to utilize Beta as a way for folks to test without fear of any pricing repercussions and to have conversations around where you find value in Automations.

Please feel free to reach out to me, or the Automations team( with any specific pricing questions or conversations.