Automations Beta FAQs

Hello Beta testers!

We’ve compiled a running list of FAQs here for you to check out.

Q: Do we have to request access to new feature rollouts? Are releases of Automations features tied to releases of the product?
A: No, as we release new features, your staging sites will be automatically updated. If you are using our cloud releases Automation features will be tied to release of the product, but if you’re on LTS that would be a separate release schedule.

Q: What user role has access to Automations?
A: Account owners, workspace owners and admins. No other user can view or edit the feature.

Q: How are machine triggers different from Automations?
A: Machine triggers are limited in scope of action, they will act only within that machine. Automations can perform actions across your whole Tulip ecosystem.

Q: Can I access devices (like printers) from automations?
A: No, unless through a connector (and a service like bartender)

Looking forward to seeing what you build. As you play around with Automations, feel free to drop any questions in a new post in this channel. Happy building~