Reference Field - Data Range Analyze

Add the possibility to choose more Reference Fields for the Data Range analysis.
Should be connected to Dates within the table.

Currently you can either choose “Created At” or “Updated At” which is very limited in events where you want to visualize last weeks status. The problem arises when the reporter forgets to add a certain record and wants to do it afterwards. In this case, that data is not added in the analysis as the reference field only targets currently created or updated records.


agreed. for all the same reasons.

I agree with this! Right now we are unable to do changes to the dataset for this type of analysis which is annoying.

Any updates regarding this issue?
We are having problems in visualizing our dashboard because of this.

Hi @salimjasarevic, @axelw, and @jjj -

Thank you for making this known and following up with us. We have this ticket in our system, but unfortunately the work to make this possible is not trivial and will take a while to complete. The team is evaluating if there are any “quicker fixes” that can address this, but they are still exploring options.

Thank you for your patience!

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