Looking for a way to reference the current Date/Time in an analytical dashboard


we have a usecase here where we would like offer a dashboard based on a Tulip table which references the “current date/time” of when the analysis was last updated. Is this already possible? I could not find any reference in the expression editor or anywhere else.

Example application: show time left from now till the value specified in a date/time column of a tulip table.

Hi @sebme,

The only place in analytics where “Current date/time” is available is in the “Date Range” in the left hand context pane of the analytics editor. I have made the team aware of the desire to have more options here, and there have been some other customers who have suggested the ability to use “now” as a references in an analysis to us as well, so it is on our radar!

If you’d like, I can move this into “product suggestion” category that way others can vote on it as well :slight_smile:

Sure :blush: One more on the list.

Thank you.


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@sebme We’re currently testing an implementation of this. Is the “datetime - NOW” case the only one you are currently interested in or are there others that you would see relevant as well?

Hello Stefan, that sound great. Nothing else I can think of right now - at least in this context :wink:

if this analytic is going in an app not on a dashboard the in app analytic widget can be filtered using calculated variables, which might get you what you need.