Using a shift start time (e.g. 06:00) in analytics

Hi all,

In Tulip Analytics, I would like to create some analyses using DATE RANGE ‘Today’. However Today starts at 00:00:00

I would like to be able to set a shift start time of 06:00:00 and have my analyses use that as the start time.

It would be great if there was an option to do a time range on a certain day.

Another user requested something similar - Date calculation in analytics exspression

I also found this post: Using Shifts in Machine Data for Analytics on the Dashboard

Here a solution was proposed using an expression in the filter:

MID(DATE_TRUNC(Start Time, ‘hour’) +’’,11,5) = ‘17:00’

Please could this expression be explained? Is there any documentation available for describing expression syntax, other than the context help?

If I evaluate these separately,

DATE_TRUNC(Start Time, ‘hour’) evaluates to 20 July 2021 07:00

MID(DATE_TRUNC(Start Time, ‘hour’) +’’,11,5) evaluates to 06:00

I get that MID returns 5 characters after the eleventh character, but why does it return 06:00 when the time from the previous expression was 07:00

I tried using similar filter expressions to above:

MID(DATE_TRUNC(Start Time, ‘hour’) +’’,11,5) = ‘06:00’
MID(DATE_TRUNC(Start Time, ‘hour’) +’’,11,5) = ‘07:00’
MID(DATE_TRUNC(Start Time, ‘hour’) +’’,11,5) = ‘08:00’

but I get strange results - I would expect availability/utilization figures to go up because they are being calculated over a shorter period from 6AM, 7AM or 8AM rather than from midnight.

Any ideas?