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Hello guys,
Any one know how to filter data on dashboards for, for example, these actual two hours? I have just found how to do it for the “current hour” but not for the “current two hours” for example.
Any ideas?
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hello @FahdERM, just to confirm is this for an App analysis??

if so, have you tried adding a filter for the Start time of the app:

let us know if this is what you were looking for

Hello @gio,
yes it’s for an App analysis. If i opt for this method, i will just display a fixed period. And i want to do is to display analysis for every current two hours and not for just a fixed period.
Did you understand what i mean or not?

OK, I understand @FahdERM.

have you tried using the Relative: All Dates After filter on the Analysis??

let me know if this helps!!

@gio, i have tried this :

But i have the impression that it doesn’t work because i treid it with the execution of an app. (did what i have tried mean every 2 hours ago?)

OK @FahdERM, and just to confirm are there completions within the last 2 hours for this app??

furthermore, can you confirm the Time Zone for your instance and for the Station completing this app are the same??


@gio, For the first point, yes there was completions within the last 2 hours.
And for the second point, how can i verify this?
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hello @FahdERM, here are two articles to set the timezones (overall instance and Station):

I have changed that but even now i can’t have the value that i want 2 hours ago.
any suggestions please? thank you,

OK, and can you confirm the completion was done while the timezone was set to the same one you’re on from your computer??

furthermore, does the Date Range work if you set it to a longer time frame for the After time period?? 200 hours, for example.

Yes yes. I confirm that the completion was done while the timezone was set to the same.
And the data range works if I set it to a longer time frame.

OK, thanks for the update.

I have created a ticket for our engineering team to look into what could be going on. can you send me via direct message the URL of the app where this is occurring??

Okay. Cfai-istres.tulip.co and the app is app_ermaflex_waya and the analysis is indicateurs qualites pp30.
Thank you,

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Hi @FahdERM,
It looks like you’ve uncovered a bug in our analytics platform. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I apologize for the inconvenience that this caused. Filters using days instead of hours should still function properly, if that helps you with an interim solution. We will have a fix available in r202 of Tulip, which will go out to beta customers on 2/21 and to prod customers on 2/28.

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