Trial for GROB-Brazil

Hi to all!

Over the last weeks I’ve been trying to develop a Tulip-trial in order to test how to Tulip could work for us and prepare a Proposal to GROB.

Below is overall scope and some screen-shots of what we’ve done so far:

Right now I’m struggling at:

  • usage of the same variable at both work instructions
  • correctly setting the machines and stations at each work instruction
  • dashboard creation (linking the variables from the work instruction to the dashboard analysis)

Appreciate any comment that helps me moving forward at this trial.

Best Regards

Thiago Silva

hello @thiago.silva, great to see you’re moving along well on your apps!!

here are some thoughts on your questions:

Variables are specific to Apps, and cannot be shared among more than 1 App. however, Tables work well to send information between Apps. have you tried storing the information in a Table Field for it to be used in another App?? for ref.: An Overview of Tables

could you provide more information (screenshot if available) of what you’d like to do?? this article: How to Set Up a Station walks you through how to setup Stations.

I would recommend starting with looking at this article on creating Analyses ( as this walks you through how to populate Analyses with data. just to confirm, have you tried adjusting the DATE RANGE on the Analysis??

finally, these are great questions for Office Hours. we meet at 11AM EST every Thursday, let me know if this is something you’re intersted in and I’ll add you to the invite.