Analytics Relativ Date doesn´t work over date changes

Hello all,

I have a Problem with the Analitcs Relativ Date Filter.
I want to show the production numbers of the machines occording to shifts (see my other post)

Now I have a new problem, when I try to get the numbers of the night shift and I set the Relative Date to between now and the last 16h it doesn’t take any data over from the day before (for example 23:00). It only takes data from the current day, so I´m missing 2h per night shift.
Can someone tell me how I can get the complete data?

Heres a picture of the current dashboard(the 1141 is for 6h, the complete 8h are 1550 parts):

good afternoon @Mthesz, we can certainly take a look at what’s happening here.

could you confirm both the timezone of your instance and the station where this machine is running (if any)?? here is how you can find both timezones:


Hi @gio,

the timezone of the instance is :

The Machine isn´t running on a station, but i´ve checked the internal Timezone of the machine and its the same as in tulip

Thank you for your help

hello @Mthesz, thanks for sharing. I was just informed by a colleague that this is a bug that the engineering team is aware of, we will provide an update as soon as it’s resolved in Announcements - Tulip Community.

in the meantime, there is a solution that could work well if you were to embed the analyses in an app. you could remove the analysis date filter (and set the Date Range to All Time) and place the filtering once embedded in the app.

do you think this solution would work for you or do you need the Analysis in an Dashboard??

apologies for the inconvenience

Hi Gio, thank you for your help.

The work around is working and that’s okay for now.

But we have some Screens where it´s not possible to run the Tulip player and we would like to show the analytics there via the dashboard function.
So I’m seeing forward to the update :slight_smile:

thanks for the update @Mthesz!!

just so you know, you can also access Player via Chrome (without needing to download the Tulip Player) by navigating to: https://{{instance_name}}

but we’ll certainly keep you updated un the progress of the bug resolution.