Reflexive Linked Record?

Can a linked record in a Tulip table refer to itself?

It is possible to have one column/field linked to another column/field within the same table. It is also possible to have a linked record refer to itself within the same table, but I am curious what your use case is / you are thinking about doing!

Thanks for the info @Beth!
We have multiple layers of sub-assemblies that we need to track throughout the assembly procedure. We’re trying to figure out the best way to maintain multiple nested parent-child relationships AND reduce the overall number of tables.

Hi Jason,

Rather than focus on minimizing Tables we recommend to focus on what is going to help operators and operations be more productive and in the simplest and adoptable way. Genealogy is a digital representation of how assembly is and was built. Therefore the tables should represent the level of the assembly. We call that the “digital twin” concept. Therefore we recommend that there is a table for every level or type of assembly or component. For example a “Devices” table that is linked to an “Assemblies” table that is linked to a “Sub Assemblies” table that is linked to a “Components” table. In this way anybody either with or without Tulip experience can immediately understand and use the data.

I know that this may seem counterintuitive but our experience that this and similar approaches is what provides the productivity improvement that digital technologies promise. It really is looking at the problem from another perspective, not designed for maintainability but for adaptability and productivity gains.