Display nested tables

Hi everyone,

let’s consider the following situation: I store machine related information in a table called ‘machines’. Each machine consists out of several units. Unit related information is stored in a table called ‘units’. There might be unit related information such as a quality issue which I store in a table called ‘quality issues’. The tables are linked as follow:

  • machines [1] - [N] units
  • units [1] - [0…N] quality issues
  • machines [1] - [0…N] quality issues (Theoretically not necessary due to the other links, but otherwise I can’t reach the quality issues via the machine perspective directly)

When I want to display the information in an interactive table from the machine perspective the following pop-up shows up:
Is it possible to tell when I could display 1-N linked records?

Is there an option to create a nested table which expands as i click on a row e.g.
flattened table

expanded table unit unit level

expanded table issue level

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Hi Oliver,

Unfortunately there is no native ability of nesting an interactive table. I am thinking that am easier/cleaner approach would be to have 2 steps, one that shows a non filtered interactive table of the machines table and that triggers a jump to a second step that shows filtered querys of the respective units and quality issues tables. Giving that nested table kind if of UI. In so, you can avoid the large use of linked records which are limited for this kind of approach.

You can add another field in the tables that references the specific machine id, and use aggregations to query the specific records



Hi Oliver,

to add to Santiago’s comment, this is the way the fields in your quality table would look like for the data your shared above:

Similarly the unit table would have a reference field called machine_id.


Hi Seb and Santiago,

if I have understood correctly, you are advising me not to link tables and instead to laboriously implement the same function using separate write commands and lists in text fields. In view of the fact that I cannot use fields with links in analyses, this makes sense. But then I ask myself why I can link table fields when I shouldn’t and only have a limited set of functions afterwards.

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