Release 262 Discussion Thread - September 2023

Hi Everyone!

Release 262 introduces new features that improve connector creation, navigation and organization of your apps, and visualizations in Analytics.

View the Full 262 Release Notes Here.

Let us know your thoughts and questions below!


Is connector library works also with Enterprise Exchange?

Hey @youri.regnaud -

Not yet, but that is the vision! We are looking to extend that concept of the app exchange to support far more asset types, but this first release is just focused around driving visibility to what exists in the Tulip Library.

In the next few months we will be rolling out further functionality to make the setup experience for the connectors foolproof.


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Internal library of connector will be very usefull to share connector configuaration in our organisation that use the same backend system but with different credential or similare system install locally.
Function library will also very helpfull to share some model function that apps builder could then adapt.

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When does this update apply?:

  • Operator logout is reliably enforced on iPhone and iPad when the browser or Tulip App is moved to the background or the device screen is locked

I just tried locking the screen on one of our iPads and it is not forcing the user to re-enter their badge number. For our use case we don’t want users to have to re-enter their badge number each time, so that is fine. Is it some setting in the app or elsewhere that would enforce that?

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Thanks for sharing the news.

I have still struggles with the Apps Page.
After some discussion here I was hoping for more around this topic:

The search preview is limited to the Input fields width. Why? I have miles of space:

The Name Column should be more dynamic, or at least adjustable in width.
To me it makes absolutely no sense to have a huge white area, while actual content is hidden.

Last but not least:
Why is the Apps Page loading the Apps folder initially instead of the “Recent” area?
That makes no sense, since it is the same content, as in the left side bar.
“Recent” is for quick navigation and should appear before you select anything in the navigation on the left.

Hi Ethan.
Have you tried the same scenario while the iPad is charging? :wink:

I suppose this is a known issue about timer also going to sleep at the same time as iPad. Apparently Tulip is looking in how to resolve it.

I have not tried that, our operators are mobile around the shop floor

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Our operators are also mobile, and iPads are used around the shop floor. It is just to debug the situation, that I suggest to reproduce while charging. Because we experience the same.