Remember user input when editing a connector function

I think it would be great if the user input was remembered when editing a connector function. For example, when creating a request body of type JSON, I very often accidentally change the type of the request body’s JSON value. This makes Tulip forget about the 8 JSON object keys, values and types that I painfully entered before… Same thing could happen for the array type. It would be nice to at least be warned that the input will be lost and have the possibility to cancel the action?

Also, for now, we cannot add an object property when creating a JSON request body unless all current properties have a value in their key. This is annoying because it forces to alternate between I’m filling a property’s key, value and type and I’m adding a property mindsets while it would be easier to just create several empty properties and then fill them all out.

Another idea that would be very useful: remember the test values of the inputs. Currently they have to be retyped each time the connector function edition page is accessed which is painful when input values are numerous or complicated (e.g. base64).