Default Values for Connector Function Inputs

I recommend integrating default input values for connector functions. Several of our connectors feature multiple inputs (with one particular connector having 32 input variables!!) Currently, we find ourselves having to re-enter inputs each time we save the application to test the connector function. Implementing default values would greatly streamline this process and enhance overall efficiency.

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Hey @nicolettenaya -

Great idea - Wrote a ticket for this and I will discuss with the team!

Thoughts on default outputs (if a key is not matched on a call, for example? Right now that case will just return a null, but we could inject a default value. We probably wouldn’t want to support defaults for list type outputs, but we could for static outputs.


Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

I love your idea for default outputs, but I understand the request as defaults for inputs.

I wonder if it is meant as default in the test area, or also for calls from the App…

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@Pete_Hartnett Great, thanks for writing up a ticket on default inputs

I’m not sure if I totally understand your suggestion on default outputs. Right now we primarily use outputs for error messages or storing variables /objects to be used in applications. But are you suggesting if a output is marked as default and the default value is not met we would receive something other than null?

@thorsten.langner The initial request was for the test area/connector page. I hadn’t thought about calls from the App. That could be an interesting used case.

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