Hide Specific Error from User


It would be helpful to be able to hide the fact that my connector function has “failed” from the user. Currently I believe we have the option of turning off all error messages for the user but I’d love to be able to turn off error messages by Trigger. I am not a programmer and there is probably a much more elegant way to do what I am doing but I have created an app that takes a variable number of inputs and runs connector functions on them, without using a for loop, I just hard coded the ability to use 1-5 number of inputs. When the user inputs say, 3 inputs, my connector functions for inputs 4 and 5 “fail” as expected and it would be nice for the user to not see an error.

You should change the connector behaviour here.
It should give a valid output that you interpret in your app als empty. This might be Null or 0 or a text like “There was no input for value 5” or whatever fits your needs.

It is never a good idea, to suppress error messages.

Do you use a SQL or HTTP connector? How did you “hardcode” 5 inputs? There are several ways to realize this.

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In all honesty, I don’t really understand connectors all that much, I’ve worked with Aaron to get the connector to work for what I’m looking for. Its a HTTP connector from Tulip to Tulip to enable certain functionalities not natively available.

I wonder how it is set up. Did I understand right, that you call that connector function once with 5 inputs or do you call it five times with one input each?

In the first case you need to secure, the output is valid. In second case you can force the App to call as often as needed or you call it with dummy values to receive valid outputs.

I’m sorry there is not the one fits all solution and I can’t try finding what you need, since I dont know your current solution.