Can I tell a connector function to retry?

Is there a way to handle a connector function failure (like a time-out)?

Specifically, can I tell it to retry?

Also, can I set a smaller time limit per function before retrying?

Or have it escalate - try for 3 seconds, then 5, then 10, then 20?

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Reprocess an function depending on HTPP Error Code or Time out can be a very nice feature that avoid a orchestration/middleware layer between Tulip and Back-End API.

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hello @JasonMcD, when the Connector Function fails, are you presented with any error codes?? if so, you can add a subsequent Trigger to the one that originally runs the Connector Function to check if the Output matches an error code, and retry if so.

for example, here I added message and code to the Output,

that are set to null if there is no error code:

from the App, in a Trigger subsequent to the one that originally calls the Connector Function, you can add an Action to re-run the Function if either message or code are not equal to null.

does that make sense?? if so, would it help in what you’re trying to build??

for the long term however, I agree like @youri.regnaud that it’d be useful to reprocess a function automatically depending on Error Code. feel free to submit a Product suggestions - Tulip Community if you’d like @JasonMcD!!

We face an issue as payload definition/structure is different by HTTP Code - Will be nice to have different ouputs by HTTP Code

It’s a time-out (pic below), because of the Tulip limit of 20 seconds (which is fine for this). So, based on your example, I think the answer is, no, it’s not an error code.

Time-out pic (expand to see it)

It relates to my issue from the other day. I know the query takes under a second. So if it fails for time-out, I’d like to be able retry automatically.