Message if a connector fails

Is there a way to get a message or escape from the logic if a connector function fails? In my case, I’m calling an API to connect two serial numbers together. If it works I want one serial number to be cleared and if it fails I want it to pop-up a message to the operator

Agree that manage HTTP error is not easy, Especially with bad design API. Manage different outputs based on response code should be great. Waiting for that add in you output field from your API payload when an errror occur.

I worked around this by splitting my trigger in two. The first part calls the connector and saves the result to a variable. The second trigger checks the variable and shows an error message if it is empty

You can also try to force an error, calling the connector function with the “test” button in the Connector environment. Then watch if the connector delivers an error message (it should, but can be more or less prezise). This Error-Message can also be added in your outputs. In app it’s only a matter of checking if error is emty or not…

Hey All-

In r246/LTS10 (actively being released this week) the HTTP response code can now be mapped as an output from any connector function:


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