Remove Keyboard from showing on touch screen/Tablet


is it possible to remove the keyboard from showing on the tulip player when connected to a touch screen monitor/Tablet?
We have multiple tablets/touch screens that are connected to a keyboard so I don’t want a keyboard to show up when a text field is selected on the screen as it takes up a large portion of the screen.

I have disabled touch keyboard on the tablets and it doesn’t show up on the screen when using word/notepad/browsers etc… but does when I use the tulip player?

any ideas?


I ran into the same behavior on a Systec terminal with physical keyboard. For some reason the Tulip app brings up the software keyboard.
@knowlec, Did you find a solution to this?

I would almost call it a bug.
I find Tulip should respect the environment setting.

I have the same problem when I use the surface as the touch screen. Sometimes we will get two keyboard one is from tulip one is from windows itself.

Just an update on this.
I ended up disabling startup of the windows service “Touch keyboard and handwriting panel service”. That appeared to have the desired effect and stopped the on screen keyboard completely and I now do not get it when activating Tulip app text fields.

Now it behaves! :slight_smile:
Hope this can be an option for others as well.


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