Remove Scroll to Increment/Decrement Integer

I’m curious how many people find it helpful that you can scroll to increment/decrement integers in the App Variables window and Widget Properties panel?

I personally don’t see a need for this feature and actually think it’s “dangerous” as on multiple occasions I have scrolled with one of these fields in focus accidently causing the number to dramatically change. If I don’t notice it immensely changes the function of the app and depending on the field, it could cause quality issues.

If people use it then great leave it but if not, can this be removed?

Note: the Widget Panel picture was photoshopped…most of the increment/decrement icons only show when the field is in focus

Hey @doneil , thanks for raising this. I can understand how that would be frustrating! Unfortunately, the scroll is a default behavior defined by HTML on the browser level on all integer inputs, so it’s not something we can directly control in Tulip. We’ll continue to research though, and see if there’s any way we can improve this in the future.

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Thank you for explaining this to me @kimberly. Do you think there could be any updates to this, or should I mark your response as the Solution?

The team’s got some ideas for how to work around it, and we hope to get back to you soon with a fix!

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