Run History Log Information

I have two identical Automation runs where one is marked Success and the other is Fail. I assume this failed on the email trigger because the Create/Update table function worked as expected. Is is possible to view the details of why it is marked “Fail”?

Hi @michael.wood,

The automations team is hard at work to make additional details visible in run history - I believe it should be available in early-mid January.

Thank you for raising it with us - we appreciate your feedback.



Hi @jakerigos, a connector function call gets displayed as Unknown Task in the run history completed tasks, but in terms of where we are now in the automations Run history feature this is really good progress :slight_smile:


Hi John_L,

Glad to hear it - the team has done a great job of making it much more readable!

For the unknown task, I talked to the team and there should be a fix in the next release :smile:



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