Running Tulip on Raspberry Pi

Hi…I have looking for the possibility to run Tulip Player on raspberry pi. As per the documentation, it is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac, for other systems web-based is the only option. In the case of testing “Test”, it runs in the browser, but how to deploy the browser version other than testing? Any suggestions for raspberry or Linux?

hello @gaurav.garg, thanks for posting!!

if you navigate to https://{{instance_name}}, you will see the option to run Player (not dev mode) from your browser.

could you let us know if this works for you?? thanks

Thank you for your quick response. It works. But, is there any way to set up Tulip player in Linux/Raspberry Pi and start it at boot up.

hello @gaurav.garg, great to hear you were able to access the Player from the browser.

there currently isn’t a Player available to run on a Raspberry Pi. do you mind posting in Product suggestions - Tulip Community so our product team can evaluate this suggestion?? thanks!!

I set up a Chromium Kiosk to startup and run Tulip player. Works great. Just follow these instructions…

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