Save the selected environment when testing connectors


When testing a connector function, I always have to remember to flip to the ‘testing & development’ environment. It would be nice if this selection was saved or could be defaulted to a specific environment so I don’t accidentally run a function in production during a test (since it defaults to production every time).

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Hello there!

Thanks for this suggestion. It seems like “production” isn’t the right default here.

After discussing with our team, it seems like the behavior least-likely to result in an unexpected outcome would be to always default to the “least-production” environment available.

Should three environments be defined, we would use the “Development” environment. If two, then “Testing/Development”, and if there is only one environment, we use “Production/Testing/Development”.

Do you think this would be a good improvement to your situation? Albeit, a different solution than you suggested?


Yep, that would work too!

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Awesome, we will try to get this into one of the next few releases!