Scan Table on DueDate

I have a question.
I have a table with all work orders.
Work order consists of ID (WO no.), Description, Quantity, Customer, Order Status, Due date etc.
Is it possible that tulip scans (ones a day) all records whose “Due date” is about to expire and the order status is “in Queue”. for example 7 days before Due date.
This way I can quickly see which order is at risk with the Due date.
Is there a solution for this?

Hey Henk,

Right now headless logic like this isn’t something we natively support (logic running without an app) but there are a few approaches I use regularly to get around this, and some context on how this will be getting better sooner rather than later.

Common approaches:

  1. Run this logic in an app (even if the user doesn’t see any differences). Often the way this is done is with a timer trigger on the master layout running every 3600 seconds (hourly) or 86400 seconds (daily). Some customers put this logic in their primary production app, and others put it on a dashboard or engineering testing app (this is more common if the logic you need to run might take several seconds (looping through a bunch of records and adjusting them, for example)
  2. Some customers use Node-Red or another scripting language to schedule/run jobs to execute their desired logic. This is more common if you will need to update more than 100 records in one go. Node-Red can run on the Edge MC or Edge IO which is the simplest way to make a solution with very few dependancies. Set it up, Verify it works, and throw it in a server room running your logic headless.

More context on how this is getting better:
There is a large engineering effort to make this sort of headless logic something easier to do natively in Tulip. This sort of periodic edits/reporting/alerting is not an uncommon ask, and one we are looking to address sooner rather than later. This work is ongoing and throughout the rest of 2022, you will start to see features land to help fill these holes.

Hope this helps-