Color change of status in table based on due date

Hi, within a Tulip app I would like to show the status of tasks that are stored in an interactive table with different colors. The color should change automatically based on due date. When due date from now bigger 10 days → green; 5 days → orange; overdue → red
I managed to display the status as color in one table column, how can I trigger an automated color change based on due date?

Thank you

Hi @dominik, there a few ways we could do this now, but we’re in the process of launching a feature that will handle this much more elegantly. I think you might be a good candidate for the beta. Let me know if you’re interested and I can connect you with the right folks.

Hi John, thank you for your reply.
Great that you guys are in the process of developing a feature to handle this.
It would be fine to use it as a beta test for now. Do you know if the beta version would be available in the next few weeks or would it be more a couple of months?

@dominik. We’re in the middle of an initial closed beta, so there are a few users actively testing. Full feature will be available early in the fall. I’ve shared this post with our PM for the feature, and I’ll tag @pete in here (currently out of vacation, so comms might be a little delayed) to get in touch w/ you.

Hi @dominik thanks for reaching out. We are rolling out a new feature called Automations, that may help with use cases like this. However, we may also add this functionality directly to our analytics at some point in the future. I can add you to the wait list for the beta and can reach out again when we are able to turn it on for you.

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Hi @pete, sorry for the late reply. Yes that would be great if you could let me know when I could try the beta version of Automations.
Thank you

Hi All - jumping on this thread as might be same answer :slight_smile:

Im looking to automatically change the status based on time elapsed.
Daily Clean Status changes to Expired after 24hours from when it was logged.

To expand… we would have a table listing all the clean room IDs, Current Status etc.
But the current status would need to update automatically if it times out.

Any advice would be welcome.

Hi Creagh,

We’re still working on the timer feature in automations that would have built-in functionality to check and change the table. For now, if you have an OPCUA server and automations, you can use the OPCUA day option to reset the Daily Clean Status - see more here on OPCUA work(Timer trigger for automation).