Select a custom date


I’m working on an App that needs to update daily engagement dates. It would be great to customize the date section in the Date Input to allow you to hide weekends, ie Saturday and Sunday:


Thanks for the input! Is the motivation behind this to prevent someone form accidentally selecting a weekend / make it cleaner to see the days that are relevant to you?

That’s correct, we want to prevent choosing weekend days. In case we can’t hide them, I’d like to send an alert when you select weekends.

Got it!

Also on sending the alert if a weekend is selected - you should be able to do something like this currently.

For example, on the “submit” button for the form screenshot you are showing here - you could have a 2 triggers:

  1. To convert the datetime variable from the date picker widget to the day of the week
  2. some logic to check for the weekend days Saturday and Sunday and then an action to either prevent submission, show an error, send an alert (whatever you prefer)
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I agree; I would love to see functionality to be able to show/hide the time options as well.