The day of the week

I am creating a process control application, but I want to determine the day of the week of the entered date with some kind of trigger.
Do you have any good ideas?

Hello @Akito, welcome to Tulip Community!!

This is certainly possible, using the FORMAT_DATE_TZ() function, and the ‘dddd’ format. You can use the following Expression to extract the day of the week:

format_date_tz(@App Info.Current Date and Time , 'dddd', 'EST')

This is what it looks like in an app:

As you can see here, the day of the week is being stored in a variable on a button click. However, you can also place the logic in the If portion of the trigger to only execute Actions depending on the day of the week.

More information:

Is this what you’re trying to achieve?? Let me know!!

Thank you!
But there is not FORMAT_DATE_TZ() function on my builder.
Do I have to be permitted by TULIP for using this?

Hello @Akito, yes it does have to be enabled - but I believe it should be working for your account. Could you confirm your account URL??


Is this okay?

OK, I have enabled it for this account too @Akito.

Can you confirm you’re now seeing the function??

I could confirm this function and determine the day of week.
Thank you!

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