Sending Array of objects through the Create Table Record API

I am trying to use the 'Create a Tulip Table Record" API from inside our Internal ERP.

I have packaged up the rows I wish to create and sent them to tulip as an array and received an error message stating that the payload was an array of objects, and it could not process it. When I try to send each object separately it works fine.

Can you confirm if Tulip’s API can accept payloads as an array or am i required to send each record separately?

Hey Josh - welcome to the Tulip Community! I am checking with the team on this and will get back to you

@Jsheppard so to answer your question, our create record endpoint is only one record at a time, so you will have to create a loop to go through and add each row

Here is a community thread that may be helpful for you if you are unsure how to go about this: