How to Store array values (multiple rows)in Table at a time

I wanted to store multiple rows in array format ,which should store in table at single submission.

Hi @Sridhar - could you provide a little more context about your use case here? What type of app are you building, the data you have, what tables you are using, and any screenshots that might help the Community better understand how to help?


Hi @Beth -As mentioned above ,I am trying to create a Checklist for Quality Inspection Operator .Here operator will have a set of checkpoints based on functions with remarks as seen per below Image

After filling the checklist points , operator will click save button .Once the save button is clicked all the check points should be stored in tulip table or any other external table. I have used objects to contains row data and I have used array to contain overall row data.
Finally I am trying to store the array data into tulip table or external table. Here I am having difficulties.

I am open to suggestion in my design, but at least need to achieve similarly user experience.

@Sridhar Thanks for the additional information!

So I think what actually would be easiest in your case is to take the variables the Quality Inspector fills out in this form, and write directly to a Tulip Table from that.

There is actually a really excellent example app of how this is done in the Tulip Library.

This link will get you started: Tulip Data Functional Example
And this is the link to the library app -

In this app, you can see in the app the trigger logic that was used to take the filled out information and transfer it to a tulip table - I think this will show you how to accomplish what you want and skip the hassle of using arrays to store your data temporarily.

Let me know if this helps!